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Consumer Finance

As a service partner to the pioneers in consumer finance, Decosimo has earned the respect and continued business of some of the largest consumer finance companies in the United States by providing quality audit, tax and specialized advisory services. Some of these clients have locations throughout the United States, some with more than a thousand locations. We are familiar with the strict state and federal regulations specific to this industry. Our experience with a broad spectrum of clients, combined with our memberships with the Community Financial Services Association (CFSA) and the Financial Service Centers of America (FiSCA), gives us widespread exposure to industry challenges and solutions.

We build relationships with our clients that allow for a mutual exchange of industry and client-specific opportunities. At Decosimo we understand that consumer access to financial products is a critical part of a healthy economy and we are dedicated to adding value to our clients by serving as a trusted advisor.

Decosimo's clients in this industry include:

  • Rent-to-own operators
  • Payday cash advance providers
  • Title loan providers
  • Pawn shops
  • Consumer loan providers

Our consumer finance team is a compilation of experts with the intellectual capital to support multiple service demands. The personnel resources of our firm allow us to provide extensive on-site manager involvement and staff with specific industry experience at all service levels. Our training programs keep our teams informed of current, relevant technical issues and emphasize the importance of recognizing areas to add value and profitability to your business. Our professionals understand the economic, regulatory and business landscape in which these services operate.

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Our experience has allowed us to develop a portfolio of services that address both the common and unique demands of the many different sectors we serve.

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Decosimo is a member of the Community Financial Services Association of America (CFSA) and Financial Service Centers of America.


Decosimo is an independently owned and operated member firm of both the Moore Stephens North America (MSNA) association of member firms and the Moore Stephens International Limited (MSIL) network of member firms.  Neither MSNA nor MSIL provide services to clients.  Decosimo is a separate and distinct legal entity, subject to the laws and professional regulations of the jurisdictions in which it operates, and is not authorized to obligate or bind MSNA, MSIL, or any other member firm of MSNA or MSIL.  Decosimo is liable only for its own acts or omissions and not those of any other person or entity including MSNA, MSIL and other member firms of MSNA and MSIL.