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SEC Compliance

Many of our clients have gone public in an effort to raise capital for aggressive growth needs, to provide liquidity for growing family-held businesses with diverse shareholder needs, or to raise growth capital for financial institutions such as banks or insurance companies.

We have aided many significant publicly traded clients in working through the complex web of SEC registrations, sales, and private placements of securities.

Our reputation is well-known among the investment banks that are associated with the companies for which we perform assurance services.

Decosimo has a wealth of knowledge and experience helping companies work with underwriters. We have ensured that our clients are protected in the dangerous waters of public offerings. Our knowledge of what is fair and justifiable has saved our clients millions of dollars in excessive underwriting fees and improper valuations.

Our SEC experience is also beneficial to clients in the complex world of ongoing accounting and reporting issues. We assist clients in initial and secondary public offerings. Our experience with registration statements includes Forms S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4 and S-18 as well as the filing of the Listing Particulars with the Stock Exchanges of the United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland, and includes debt, as well as, preferred and common equity offerings. Decosimo also audits funds that are listed on the Channel Islands Stock Exchange and the Singapore Stock Exchange.

We also assist our clients with the periodic reporting requirements on Forms 10-K and 10-Q, with current reports on Form 8-K and in the preparation of their Annual Reports.

Decosimo is a member of the SEC Practice Section of the AICPA Division for CPA Firms. 

Decosimo is an independent member firm of Moore Stephens North America, which is itself a regional member of Moore Stephens International Limited (MSIL). All the firms in MSIL are independent entities, owned and managed in each location. Their membership in, or association with, Moore Stephens International Limited should not be construed as constituting or implying any partnership between them.